A blast from the past with Chadwick

I couldn’t find any pictures from previous todays, so here’s a little random from 2004.

Taking the bus to youth group with my best friend every tuesday. We were cool.

Fun Friday

Slept out in the tent thursday night, It was a real nice night.

We played cards for a while

Emily ended up breaking the tent so it got kind of small in there. We all fell asleep pretty quick. Mookie and I shared a small part of the tent and neither of us slept very well. Got up early and fell asleep on the couch.

We decided on a lazy day, tent sleeping is not good for a bad back. Took him for a drive then went to work.

Work was pretty busy, the usual friday night. Worked with some good people and had fun. Mikayla got a funny dollar bill that she didn’t want to give to a guest.

 After work there was a birthday party I was just gonna stop by but ended up staying till 3 am. Hung out and joked around with some good friends.

Let the work week begin…

Got up 7:30 am got myself ready for the gym.image

Somewhat pumped, started my new advocare products today. I was pretty excited about my line up.image

Breakfast of champions. This is the stuff that keeps me going all day.

had a good sweaty work out, Then got myself off to work for a nice long day of flipping burgers. image

And a nice afternoon snack.

The crew from work was having a poker night, also known as an excuse to get drunk. I opted out tonight to get a nice shower and enjoy a campout in the backyard. Just too nice to pass that up.image

A blast from the past with Chadwick

3 years ago today, rooming with my brother and sister, parties, drinking, what have you. We would shotgun at least 4 beers a night after work, then play video games. 

"Sunday" funday

Another nice day today, slept in and woke up to this guy…

He was real tired all day, until I told him we were going for a walk. We went to the waterfront again, different area though. The trail I picked just happened to be closed until they get rid of the erosion. Found a cool new spot and let mookie play in the water.

He dug holes in the wet sand and had a blast. On the walk back he was a little shivery and cold.

So he didn’t want to take any pictures. Walked around the waterfront for a couple hours, then came home and set up the tent in the backyard to just lay in it for a little.

Drove up to Rocky Butte to watch the sunset and the girls complained about being real cold the whole time, and didn’t want me climbing on stuff. But the sunset was gorgeous. 

So we got some good photos.

Ended the night with a little indulgence and ate some pizza, tomorrow it’s back to work for the week and starting on some new advocare products and hardcore gym time.

A blast from the past with Chadwick

Today, I will  be featuring a photo from 4 years ago today. Me and my younger sister shared an apartment for a while, and we liked to drink and party a lot. Mostly dance parties.

This went on for months, and not one noise complaint.

Day in the sun

Walked the waterfront with mookie and cloey.

We had a great time, although mookie kept yelling at every person because he was tired and grumpy.

He jumped in the river and played in the little waves. Also, he posed for this ridiculous picture.

After our nice walk we went and helped a friend move her stuff to portland, and got stuck in traffic for 3 hours. It was beaufiul out, so I didn’t mind so much. We drove back with this backdrop.

The night ended with about 8 games of beer pong, in which I won 4. I’d say day off, done right.

A blast from the past with Chadwick

In this segment, I will be featuring photos that I find to be amusing or special to me in some way. It works sort of as a timeline. For exampleimage

I took this photo 3 years ago yesterday at a basketball game I got to watch from a suite thanks to my fantastic place of work.

The optical zoom on that camera was splendid.